BrassTracks 2018-04-11

Musik spelad i BrassTracks 2018-04-11

  1. Farnon: Colditz March – City of Coventry Band
  2. Stoller: Match of the day – Fairey Aviation Band
  3. Perry/Taverner: Who are you kidding – Fairey Aviation Band
  4. Edrich Siebert: Tricky trombones – Fodens Motors Works Band
  5. Hertel: Firemans Galop – Massed Band: Fairey & Fodens
  6. J.N. Hummel: Theme Variations – The Ever Ready Band
  7. Harold Moss: Overdale – Leyland Motors Works Band
  8. Gerald Crossman: Dancing clown – Crossley Carpets Works Band
  9. Maurice Johnson: County Palatine – Black Dyke Band
  10. Ketelby: In a monastry garden – Harry Mortimer Brass

Låt fler få lyssna! Tipsa dina vänner.

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