BrassTracks 2016-04-27

Musik spelad i BrassTracks 2016-04-27

  1. Stanley Ditmer: Ceaseless service – FA New York Staff band
  2. Edward Llewellen: My regards – Kornett:Tom Paulin, Piano: D. Salamon
  3. Scott Joplin: The Entertainer – Royal Doulton Band
  4. T.J. Powell: Duo for euphoniums – The Rochdale Band
  5. arr. Ray Bowes: Armadale – South London Fellowship Band
  6. Dudley Bright: Fantasia on Glory to His Name – FA Int. Staff Band
  7. M. Wilson, arr. D.Broadbent: Til there was you – The B.N.F. Band
  8. Edward Elgar: Pomp & circumstance – Brighouse & Rastrick Band

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